Camilo Andrés Gamba Gamba
El Tiempo

Stine-Lise Hattestad Bratsberg
SDGs in new Asker Municipality

Bernard Nenghabi Tosam/Eckhardt Huber
Presentation of the Climate Partnership between Belo and Horb am Neckar

Stacey-Leigh Joseph
Best Practice: Progressing the SDGs via Networks of Cities

Monika Zimmermann
SDGs and city networks


Interview mit Mariam Yunusa
„Local partnerships are key!“

Interview mit Tasneem Essop
„Energy is fundamentally political.“

Interview mit Abdihakim Ainte
“We need to make the SDGs more accessible.”


sef: insights 8|2018

City governments as agents of local communities



In an interview with sef: on the occasion of the International sef:  Expert Workshop 2018, Professor Anél du Plessis speaks about the changing role of city governments in global governance. How are cities affected by international law? And what is their role as agents of local communities? And how is their potential restricted by national constitutions?

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sef: Bonn Symposium 2018

Rethinking local sustainable development


The “transformation of our world” onto a sustainable path – as agreed upon by the UN member states in the Agenda 2030 – requires more than one-off projects. How can a  fundamental change in policies, in the society and the economy be initiated? What can municipalities contribute to this shift towards sustainable development and how can the local impetus be escalated to the other political levels? The Bonn Symposium 2018 aims to stimulate ideas and inject fresh momentum into the debate about these issues.

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The Global Refugee Crisis: Towards a just response


With their effort to keep refugees and migrants out of their territories, Western nations abdicate their historical and political responsibility, according to the analysis of the renowned Indian migration researcher B.S. Chimni in GLOBAL TRENDS. ANALYSIS 03|2018. Chimni therefore calls for a just response from the international community to the global refugee crisis. Such a response could only consist of a multidimensional strategy that had to be worked out in a genuine dialogue between all stakeholders.

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